Divas who don’t have a star on “The Hollywood Walk of Fame”!!!


This week was revealed that rapper Pitbull will receive a star on the famous “Hollywood Walk of Fame” and since then some people are expressing their disapproval about it in various blogs, forums, etc…

Blogger and diva herself, Perez Hilton has posted on his page a list of celebrities who don’t have a star on the famous LA street.

So, I thought about some other stars who should get the same honour as Pitbull, some of them were on the Perez list and others I have added.

The first ones (pictured above) are Julia Roberts, a super talented actress, she has done some iconic movies like “Pretty Woman” and “Erin Brockovich”; Dame Judi Dench, a British iconic actress who roles include the eternal M, James Bond boss; Whitney Houston, one of the best singers ever!!!; Cindy Lauper, pop-music icon, one of the pioneers in pop-music.


Then we have Beyoncé, iconic diva, queen of fierce, that has multi-talents; Oprah Winfrey, television goddess and multimedia genius; Angelina Jolie, actress, home-wrecker and charity queen; Tyra Banks, she’s America’s Top Model, I don’t need to say nothing more!!!


Finally we have, the Queen of Pop Madonna, I don’t have to say nothing more; Rihanna, since she first hit the charts Rihanna has managed to re-invent herself and the music scene almost as fast as Madonna; Katy Perry, also has taken the pop scene to a different level very fast like Madge and Riri and finally, RuPaul, supermodel of the world, pop culture legend who has broken tons of barriers for gay history.



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