Drag Queen gives conservatives what they need during Seattle Pride!!! Watch now!!!


Seattle drag-star Mama Tits wasn’t having it, no bullshit would pass through her un-noticed during the Pride parade that took place in Seattle over the weekend just gone. When a protest against homosexuality got too loud, the queen fired away. You go guuurrllll!!!!

Mama Tits grabbed a microphone, marched towards the losers and gave them a piece of hers and our minds straight up, better saying, a glittered-up honey!!!

The protesters were holding signs like, “Jesus Christ is Lord” and “Repent”, trying to kill the buzz for all of those who were enjoying the colourful parade. Then, Mama and other queen present at the event formed a beautiful and fierce wall and things got interesting.


Quoting drag superstar Bianca Del Rio, Mama shouted: “NOT TODAY SATAN!” And before noticing she was face to face with the leader of the protesters. Mama said to the Seattle Gay Scene, “BEFORE I KNEW IT, I WAS STANDING TITS TO NOSE WITH THE LEADER GUY ON THE MEGAPHONE,” she then added, “IT FELT LIKE I HAD THE STRENGTH OF ALL THE PEOPLE WHO HAD EVER BEEN HURT BY THESE PEOPLE STANDING RIGHT BEHIND ME GIVING ME POWER!”

Check it out the queen amazing attack:


*This post was first published on “OutTraveler.com”

Mama Tits, we salute you…You are a Queen!!!



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