Drag superstar Alaska Thunderfuck is back with new song “Puppet”!!! #fierce


Directly from the planet Glamatron, the one and only Alaska Thunderfuck 5000 just released a brand-new song titled “Puppet” and we are loving it!!! The song is the first single from the queen’s second LP that comes out on October 14th.

Her first album, the delicious “Anus” smashed it thanks to its concept, visuals, track list and Alaska’s unique vocals. The album did well on the charts, the fans embraced from day one and since then we’ve been patiently waiting to hear new material from this unique talent.

It’s finally here!!! Less than 24 hours ago, Alaska uploaded to her YouTube channel a spanking new music video of her new single “Puppet” and it’s hilarious and very well put together. The new album is called “Poundcake” and will be released next month.


The “All Stars” diva is giving us Ms. Little Poundcake realness girl!!! Remember the hilarious character Alaska created during a maxi-challenge back in her season, that since then have a huge fan-base???

“SHE IS A STRAIGHT UP MOTHERFUCKIN DICK PIG”!!! She’s back and alive on the video, causing mayhem around New York City with two shady friends.

Alaska has a great comic and unique style that is impossible not to laugh and go on whichever journey she takes on. The song is great but the video brings to life on a different level.

On Thursday night if you watched the latest episode of “RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 2”, you witnessed Alaska slaying the runway by bringing Little Poundcake to live, which got the judges and everyone at home bursting in laughter. It was pure Alaska!!!

Watch Alaska’s hilarious and fierce new music video here:


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