Eminem and Rihanna give us a little taster of what is coming on their joint tour at “Lollapalooza”


Eminem was headlining the music event in Chicago, last weekend and as a surprise to the fans he brought Rihanna up on stage to perform his mega hit ”Stan”.

Their “Monster Tour” is coming soon and maybe that was a way to remind and get the fans excited to see what is said to be one of the best shows ever.

But the delivery wasn’t what the audience kind of expected, thanks to Rihanna of course.


I know that it must be close to impossible make justice to Dido’s vocals on that classic song but I hate to say that Rihanna did a very poor job singing her parts in “Stan”.

There wasn’t emotion, feeling, I’m going to say that she sounded almost “zombie-like”.

Is no secret that Rihanna’s vocal powers are not the best, but she’s been on the business for took long to be still performing like that. Where’s the fire???

Where’s the fierceness???

She better prepare herself well for this “Monster Tour” because if her performance on the tour is going to mirror any of that, things can change for the worst for her.

Come on girl!!! Wake up and smell the coffee!!!

Your fans love you too much Riri!!!!


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