Eminem and Rihanna kick-off their “The Monster Tour” in LA over the weekend


With divided opinions, one of the biggest tours of the year played its first concerts at the “Rose Bowl Stadium” in Los Angeles for a full-house on both nights. Both of them are huge music stars, their chemistry on stage is fiery like we’ve seen before but still, some think that Rihanna didn’t deliver and Eminem nailed it.

The three-hour concert (yeah girl, three-hours!!!) had a 50 songs set-list that it was so good, that you would think that it was perfect but some of the reviews I’ve read pointed out a few down moments of the concert but don’t worry, most of them were good!!!

Words like “rebellious”, “unpredictable”, “energetic” and “roaring” appears on most reviews but so does it, “lazy”, “limp” and “lifeless”. I wasn’t there but I’ve spent the past 24 hours reading and watching all I could find about “The Monster Tour”, so let’s go!!!


One website described Rihanna as being lazy, sorry hunni, I thought she was on point and she even had sung without auto-tune, with the Rolling Stone critic describing her vocals as “crystalline”.

They shared the stage on act one singing classics like “Numb”, “Live Your Life” and remix of “Run This Town”. Act two was all Rihanna’s, it had 17 hits like, “What’s My Name” and “ Rude Boy” and also fans favourites like, “Birthday Cake” and “Cockiness”. Rihanna did her usual thing, a lot of hip-shaking, very sexy with the only bad thing being the fact that her part of the show seemed too produced and distracting at times.

According to Billboard, her delivery of “Stay” and “What Now” were impressive and passionate. So, I don’t know where some “juices” got the impression that Rihanna was “lazy”.


Reports says that fans in the crowd were reciprocating the great energy that both artists were giving it and during hits like “Umbrella” and “Love The Way You Lie”, they sang-alone with passion and high-energy.

“Love The Way You Lie” was the transition song, Eminem performed a 20-song set-lit that included super hits like “The Real Slim Shady” and “Without Me”, that also got the audience in frenzy, also doing an energetic rap-sing-along.

Apparently, Eminem was in full-form, raw and doing his angry white-boy thing and that he kept the crowd happy at all times. Rihanna was sexy and warm, giving a lot of smiles and being the usual Rihanna.

The set-list:

Act one (They shared the stage to start the concert)

1 – ”Numb”

2 – “No Love”

3 – “Run This Town/Renegade”

4 – “Live Your Life”

5 – “Crack A Bottle”

6 – “Won’t Back Down”


Act Two (Rihanna’s solo part)

7 – “What Now”

8 – “Fresh Out The Runway”

9 – “Birthday Cake”

10 – Talk That Talk”

11 – “Rude Boy”

12 – “What’s My Name?”

13 – “Pour It Up”

14 – “Cockiness”

15 – “Man Down”

16 – “You Da One”

17 – “Wait Your Turn”

18 – “Jump”

19 – “Umbrella”

20 – “All Of The Lights”

21 – “Rockstar”

22 – “Where Have You Been”

23 – “Stay”


Act three (Rihanna leaves after “LTWYL” and Eminem’s takes over)

24 – “Love The Way Of Live”

25 – “3a.m.”

26 – “Square Dance”

27 – “Business”

28 – “Kill You”

29 – “Evil Deeds”

30 – “Rap God”

31 – “Marshall Matters”

32 – “Just Don’t Give A Fuck”

33 – “Criminal”

34 – “The Way I Am”

35 – “Airplanes” (with Rihanna)

36 – “Stan” (with Rihanna)

37 – “Sing For The Moment”

38 – “Toy Soldiers”

39 – “Forever”

40 – “Bezerk”

41 – “Till I Collapse”

42 – “Cinderella Man”

43 – “My Name Is”

44 – “The Real Slim Shady”

45 – “Without Me”

46 – “Not Afraid”


Act four (Rihanna joins Eminem for the last few songs of the concert)

47 – “Diamonds”

48 – “We Found Love”

49 – “Lose Yourself”

50 – “The Monster”

The first night was a great experience according to most critics and I agree based on the videos/pictures I came across. It was a good blend of the different styles.


Rihanna thanked the crowd, “FOR ROCKING OUT WITH YOUR COCK OUT.”

Let me know what you think ok!!!!



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