Eminem and Rihanna have started the work for their joint tour!!!


Named “The Monster Tour”, both performers, I was about to say both singers, hahahaha… Are going to travel across America and some European countries if I’m not mistaken with their “On The Run Tour”, oh no!!!! Fuck, that’s someone else’s tour already!!!

After a little crazy holiday in Brazil, Riri is already rehearsing for the tour with the rap god Eminem and of course we got a couple of pictures of the first moments of the first rehearsal.

I’ve read some curious articles talking about why is Rihanna rehearsing if all she’s going to do is sing very lazily and walk lazily around the stage.


I’m not sure what to think of that, they kind of have a point but it’s a tricky one.


When she’s good, she’s “freaking” good!!!

I’m more curious about the set-list!!!

Oh, the excitement!!!!

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