“G0YS – GUYS who love Masculinity but don’t identify as Gay!”


Last night I was on the internet when I came across to a group’s page that at first I thought it was a joke because it is so ridiculous. The group’s name is “G0YS”, spelled with a zero (slashed zero exactly) and after a quick look through their webpage I was in shock and amazed with the stuff I read there.

The term “g0ys” refers to men who prefer the company of other men but they consider themselves heterosexual.

The relationship between “g0ys” does not involve sex (with penetration) and it’s based in sexism and all the members are conservatives.

I think that if you feel physically attracted to a men and you only enjoy being around men, I’m sorry but YOU ARE GAY!!!

They want to end the stigma that according to their beliefs is very negative, of the word “gay”, after all they stand by the fact that a man can love another men without any sexual relation.

I would like to add that if you are the bottom or the top of the relationship, that does not make you more or less of a man, it’s just a matter of taste/preference.

They even have a flag with different shades of blue, after all blue is a very masculine colour isn’t it?!?! LOL


The group also have a list of 5 commandments:

01 – G0ys don’t date or marry other guys, what they have at most is an intimate friendship. They only marry woman.

02 – G0ys are the “real man” salvation’s and therefore do not allow any association with images and clichés of the gay world.

03 – G0ys create relationship clubs where the only input aloud is theirs.

04 – G0ys should not engage with the gay universe.

05 – G0ys are sexist.

The group was born in the United States (SURPRISE, SURPRISE!!!) and is spreading around the world. On their website (g0ys.org) the watchwords are: love, trust, respect, discretion and masculinity.

So, let me try to understand those “closeted weirdos” let’s say, “rules”: you can kiss, masturbate, the occasional blow job and penetration you only have with a woman, but wait, a blow job is not a form of penetration???


Sorry, but the prerogative that if I’m not penetrated by another man, means that I’m not gay it’s just ridiculous and nonsense.

It amuses me that out there in the world there are people “buying” all this bullshit and those closeted men lying to their girlfriends, wives and even worst, to themselves by following those silly beliefs and rules.

Well, I just wanted to share this crazy piece of information that I found.

If you think all of that is pure bullshit raise your hands!!!


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  1. I think it just makes more sense to say that sexuality is fluid. Some people enjoy love and sex with their own gender, some with the opposite gender and some with both. No need to invent new labels.

  2. Bizarre/ separatist guys in denial is how I’d classify them. Don’t they know that anal sex is very pleasurable?!

  3. You said guys.org.. but it is g0ys.org. I am one of them. You have to understand how great it is for certain men to find something that fits them. Now.. I am not fitting everything to a tee, because we are all different. And also, not into labels. But I will say that I have spent my whole life rejecting the idea that I am gay… because I did not want to be like many gay men I see. I have no interest at all in anal sex, and in fact, I’ve never had oral sex, so not even sure about that. But I love men. I also reject the idea that my marriage should dissolve simply because I also like men. I happen to like being married. My wife is the only person I have ever had sex with, but I love men. I want to be around men.. I have close male friends and there are times I want to be close and intimate with them. So, perhaps I am gay. I have always thought as much. But this really opened my eyes to a different possibility. Do you know about the Kinsey Scale? I am probably around a 4 or 5. I think a lot of people think that you are either gay or str8 and there is nothing in between… but gay is 6 and str8 is zero… so there are lots of spaces in between. I don’t agree with the gay hating that is presented on that site… I have friends and family who are gay and I love them, I don’t hate them.

    Some of the information above does not seem quite accurate. There are a lot of bisexuals in the g0y world. And I believe the basis for no anal sex, is based on health reasons and what God has forbidden in the OT law. That would include M/F anal sex as well. All anal sex. But I don’t judge. I just know that since becoming part of this group, I have met a lot of men who are like me in that thinking. It has been so wonderful to be in the same community. We are not all wrapped up in the whole gay scene. I also have some gay friends I chat with, and they are so frustrated about the gay scene. How so many gay men act and how real relationships and friendships are so hard to find and maintain. Also.. I think many g0y men find their true love and just settle down with him. So.. it can be a lot of things. I understand it is world wide.. but really took off in Brazil and South Africa. So.. don’t call us weirdos that quickly. To each his own, right? Nothing wrong with people finding a place to fit in.