Grammy Awards 2014


So, the 56th Grammy Awards are over and done with, and as usual it was a great show to watch it. Even though I had a busy weekend with birthday bashes and dinners to attend I just about managed to keep up with this year’s ceremony. The show had its ups and its downs, along with some surprises. I had a great time watching and analysing everything and everyone.  

The ceremony had amazing performances but the fun started on the red carpet with some of the divas looking simply amazing and some others hitting the wrong note.

Let’s start with a beautifully pregnant Ciara glowing and rocking this Emilio Pucci gown like a true diva. Then Alicia Keys looking expensive in this Armani Private gown that was basically “kissing” her body.


Here we have Katy Perry looking lovely in this musical inspired Valentino Haute Couture. The amazing Beyoncé looks FIERCE in this Michael Costello dress that is making her body even more bootylicious, if that’s possible.


Then things starts to change… Amber Rose always try too hard in my opinion, her Naeen Khan dress is tacky, but in all fairness, she did better than P!nk, that even wearing a Johanna Johnson gown still looks like a drag queen. She’s too masculine and a bit muscly for dresses like that.


Then things get really bad… first Madonna appears wearing a masculine Ralph Lauren ensemble that it just doesn’t work and to make it worst she had a cane and a golden grill that just made her teeth look disgustingly yellow. But the worst of them all was Cyndi Lauper looking like a witch in Alexander McQueen.



The red carpet this years was very confusing, there were so many faces that I have never seen before, that I started to feel old.

It was nice see how some of the guys are making more efforts to look hot as well.

No need to say that I was loving Justin, Robin Thicke (WOOF!!!), Pharrell and Macklemore.

Once the show started I was impatient to see the performances, I don’t really care who wins what and all that.

And there’s nothing better to start the show than with a sexy performance of “Drunk In Love” by my Queen B looking stunning.


Her wet hair looked AMAZING!!! She was working a chair like a professional before be joined on stage by Jay-Z to make the performance “pure realness”.


The couple looked so connected and in love and they looked like they were having so much fun, but when Jay tapped her ass it was so cute.


Beyoncé, who normally have elaborated performances, full of dancers and etc, nailed with a simple and dark stage, she nailed!!!


Bow down bitches!!!


When it was P!nk’s turn to hit the stage I was rather disappointed.

First she did “Try” that in my opinion it has been done too much, then to make it worst, P!nk did the circus thing that she always does it.


We get it girl, you can fly above the audience wrapped in fabric, spinning fast and still sing.


Good for you but after the second or third time doing that at the Grammy’s it gets boring and it is annoying taking that she’s so talented.


When it came to perform her nominated “Just Give Me a Reason” with Nate Ruess, she only added an awful skirt thing and didn’t sang properly.


Such a shame!!!

The one who I was expecting to embarrass herself on stage but did the opposite was Katy Perry, that with an amazing set did a great performance of the amazing “Dark Horse”.


I loved the dance routine, the styling, even her vocals were ok for what I normally see of her.


She keeps growing on me.

I don’t remember seeing such a big performance like Katy’s on the Grammy’s before.


The performance was very Joan Of Arc, full of Illuminati images and gave the song a huge impact.


The new kid on the block Lorde did very well for a Grammy’s virgin, she took home 02 awards and did a very good performance of her massive hit “Royals”.


Her goth look and quiet attitude are almost too cool and the version of the track she did killed it!!!!


Check it out:


I enjoyed all the performances but I was desperate to see Madonna.

I was curious and all I got was an old cow-girl singing “Open Your Heart” with some fat lesbian and a couple of white guys that I never heard before!!!


She did got the audience crazy as soon as she walked on stage, I screamed and all, but I expected more.


The multiple wedding was kind of nice and I suppose that having Madonna singing “Open Your Heart” on your wedding must be pretty “frecking” amazing.


I love that song and no matter what the haters say…


Madonna is the best!!!


The ceremony was very good this year, I have to admit that.

Most of them looked like they were having a good night and for once it was good not having to watch the always attention seeking Lady Gaga, thank God for that!!!

But I do miss the good old days, when we would see in the audience and/or on stage the likes of Britney, Christina, J.Lo and etc, but times change and even with so many artists that I never heard of it, this year’s ceremony was amazing.

I can’t wait for next year!!!

Did you enjoyed the show this year? Let us know!!!

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