Gwen Stefani is back with “Baby Don’t Lie”


The “Hollaback Girl” is back with a new single called, “Baby Don’t Lie” and even though the song is cool and we love to have Gwen Stefani back in the scene, the cannot be said for the video.

Gwen Stefani is an icon in her own right, her contribution to pop music is immense and every song she has released either with No Doubt or as a solo artist, we loooooooove it!!!

Her new single, “Baby Don’t Lie” is cute, radio friendly and pure Gwen but I was expecting more from the woman who has given us, hits like “Wind Up” and a very fierce cover of “Rich Girl”.


And as usual, a new single comes with a music video and I feel bad by saying this, but the video is quite weak.

It has the same vibe as Rihanna’s “Rude Boy” and look a bit amateur.

Check it out:


Fingers crossed the next single is stronger!!!


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