Have you seen the hot policemen that is “serving” on the internet???


A San Francisco policemen is becoming our favourite thing to search on the internet. Pictures of a hot cop surface all over the web not long ago and since then he’s everywhere and he even got an official Facebook page, “The Hot Cop of Castro.”

Chris Kohrs, a policemen from San Francisco that works around the famous Castro Street is a new internet sensation.


He’s been described as a “Tom Finland Drawing Come to Life”, in reference to the artist who became famous for making super hot drawings of hot men in all sorts of poses and situations, and I have to agree because Chris Kohrs is not far from those famous drawings.


Nice right???


Khors official Facebook page already has over 7,000 members and number should rise if his popularity carries on the way it is now.

But what can we do???

Any guy or girl who has blood running through their veins cannot resist to his charming looks.

Some of the pictures are SO FRECKING HOT!!!



I saved the best for last, on that note… check this bad boy out….

Super, super, super yummy right???


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