Iggy Azalea puts on a fierce performance of “Beg For It” on “The Tonight Show”


The Australian sensation, was a guest on Jimmy Fallon’s chat show to promote her new single “Beg For It”, the first single taken off her “Reclassified” album and she “killed it” from beginning to end!!!

Even though, “Reclassified” is not selling what it was expected, Iggy is not slowing down and carries on promoting the album, which is a revamped version of her début album “The New Classic”.

The performance on Fallon’s show, was the third performance of the hit “Beg For It” but without a doubt, was the best so far.


Iggy looked confident, delivering great vocals and a fierce attitude. For this last performance, Iggy shared the vocals with two back-up singers and not with the Danish singer  MØ, who is featured on the album version of “Beg For It”.


 Rumour has it, that since their “Saturday Night Live” performance, which was the first performance of “Beg For It” on television, the Danish singer has been ignored, apparently for something that happened on that day. 


I loved Iggy’s outfit, that “ghetto-fabulous” look was amazing and she “weeeeerked” the stage incredibly well.

She’s doing all she can to sell this album, good girl!!!



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