Iggy Azalea releases her first album “The New Classic”


Iggy Azalea’s first album finally gets released and according to Billboard magazine’s critics the album has everything to make it to the top of next week’s “Billboard 200” chart.

After a couple of mix-tapes, random singles released and a battle with her old record label, the Australian rapper brings out her debut album, “The New Classic” and the result is rather good.

The rapper is doing well on the charts in America and is no stranger to the top of the music charts here in the UK and this album should just help her to get to the top of the charts.


I’ve seen her live on stage by chance and I liked it but I can’t help to compare Iggy’s sound and style to Nicki Minaj, both sing with the same kind of anger, the delivery of their vocals is aggressive, their music sounds very similar and even the racy lyrics and fashion is rather similar.

Iggy’s album is good, from beginning to end, I’m not going to throw too much “shade” about it.

Her current single “Fancy” is fierce, her duet with Rita Ora on “Black Widow” is great and my favourite tracks are the already well-known and heavily performed “Bounce” and “Work”.


I like her lyrics, how outrageous she sometimes is and the mixture of sounds found on the album, she has a fresh sound to it.

Iggy Azalea might be on her way to become a massive name in rap/hip-hop but in my opinion Nicki Minaj has nothing to worry about it.


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