J.Lo – “A.K.A.” (Album review)


Jennifer Lopez new album is a journey through a few different sounds, with different layers and vibes, that at times can be predictable but overall is fresh, urban and current.

“A.K.A.” was released after a heavy promotional campaign that got the fan-base, social media and music outlets talking about and very curious about what J.Lo has prepared to release on her eighth studio album and tenth overall.

The product is a great album. I love it!!! “A.K.A.” has everything that a J.Lo album should have, many rappers featuring in most tracks, including the “it” girl of the moment, Iggy Azalea, the usual Pitbull, great pop tracks, deep ballads and club bangers.

01 – “A.K.A” (Feat. T.I.) : This song has taken everyone by surprise as the album opener. I love the bass line of it and how becomes a pop song and suddenly the heavy bass returns.

02 – “First Love”: Probably one of the best songs in the album and some might say, in Jennifer’s career. Produced by Max Martin, this one is pure pop music in its best form. I’m a sucker for those super romantic and sweet songs. Jennifer’s voice is adorable and on point!!! The video is a master-piece!!!


03 – “Never Satisfied”: The first ballad of the album and it’s a good one. J.Lo’s voice is melancholic and tender. I love the line, “I’m going crazy for more of your love,” is J.Lo all over it.

04 – “I Luh Ya Papi” (Feat. French Montana) : The fun song didn’t perform like it should have on the charts but it’s a fan favourite. I love the music video for all the reasons, Jennifer re-inventing the famous Versace dress, the dance routine in all denim look and of course, all the hot male models!!! A fierce and happy song.


05 – “Acting Like That” (Feat. Iggy Azalea): This track is quite hip-hop, it has a very urban sound. Jennifer knows how to keep herself current and in-sync with times, but don’t get me wrong, she has always flirted with hip-hop. Iggy Azalea was the best choice ever!!! Her rapping is just a perfect match with the sound and Jennifer voice.

06 – “Emotions”: Right, this one is just “frecking” beautiful. With strong and penetrating vocals, Jennifer delivers the song’s message perfectly. “Someone took my emotioooooons…”, perfection!!!

07 – “So Good”: The theme can be seen as sad or empowering, maybe a mix of both? The mid-tempo and the electronic sounds mix well. J.Lo’s voice lets her down sometimes, nothing too much but it’s there. I think that “So Good” sounds like an early J.Lo.

08 – “Let It Be Me”: This ballad is not one of my favourites at all, again, the vocals let Jennifer down a bit. Because of its almost acoustic sound, it feels like a demo. If it was in Spanish, I would be sure that it was a left-over of “Como Ama Una Mujer”.

09 – “Worry No More” (Feat. Rick Ross): Now we are talking girl, the album suddenly takes a turn for the better and transform itself into something powerful. J.Lo’s vocal shines through and her words gets to you. Rick Ross does an incredible job.

10 – “Booty” (Feat. Pitbull): My second favourite song from “A.K.A.”, another partnership with Pitbull that has the word hit written all over it. Produced by the amazing Diplo, the sound it’s contagious. I hope that Jennifer chooses this song as her next single and that she puts a lot of focus to promote it because “Booty” deserves to be a huge summer hit.


11 – “TENS” (Feat. Jack Mizrahi): My favourite track, I bet the J.Lo’s fan-base, especially the gays are going to adopt the song. It’s pure fierceness from beginning to end!!! The words, the sound, it’s amazing and I can easily picture in my head gay clubs all over the world going crazy with that song.

It deserves a strong and fierce video!!! Please Jennifer!!!

12 – “Trobeaux” (Feat. Nas): I love the old school sound and the nice horn that plays all through this track. The sweetness of Lopez vocals takes you by the hand on the complications of a romance. It reminds me of “Hold It Don’t Drop It” but slower and jazzed-up. When Nas starts, you are on a velvety trip.

13 – “Expertease” (Ready Set Go): A cool and relaxed song, that plays on words in a tongue-in-cheek way, “Let me show my expertise, I’m an expert tease,” fabulous!!! Sia wrote this one and as usual, she does a great job.

14 – “Same Girl” (Feat. French Montana): When I first heard this one, I didn’t like it but it grew on me and now I love it. It’s like a “Jenny From The Block” pt. 2, the music video is simple but cool and touching. The orchestral part it’s amazing and gives the song the perfect vibe. I love Jennifer’s vocals and the backing vocals.


Jennifer Lopez is a multi-faceted start, wherever she does, she does amazingly well, wether performs well on the charts or not.

Her work is fabulous and I’m proud to be a fan since the “On The 6” days.

I give “A.K.A.” 9 out of 10. It’s a great album, different in a way from previous albums. It’s current and Jennifer knows how to please all the fans.


You have to buy this album!!!

It’s in stores now and on iTunes, Amazon… Just get it!!!

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