Jay-Z and Beyoncé released a Bonnie & Clyde inspired mini-movie that is rather shocking


The trailer released, titled “RUN” has a hellova lot of car chases, gunfire, explosions and passionate love. Both Jay-Z and Beyoncé star on the video but they aren’t alone, also feature on the video are Sean Penn, Blake Lively and Don Cheadle just to name a few. Melinda Mastoukas, the same director of Beyoncé’s “Pretty Hurts” was the director of “RUN”.

Their joint tour “On The Run” starts in just over a month and this start-studded mini-movie come as a surprise, good for some people and not so good to others.

So far, it has received mixed reviews and honestly, there are some scenes that I think are a bit too much.

I have noticed how gangsta Beyoncé is becoming and as a fan I’m starting to think that she should go down a notch.


The story line sets the couple to go on the run after getting into trouble with some of the characters.

In my opinion the movie is actually good but just a bit too heavy.


Sean Penn seems to play Jay-Z’s boss, Blake Lively is Beyoncé best friend and in classic Bonnie & Clyde style, the couple runs from the police, then you have Beyoncé shooting with no mercy, even Beyoncé stitching a wound in Jay’s arms and a lot of glorification of sex, money, guns and life of crime.


The video has some strong scenes like the one where Beyoncé is shooting from a car and the scene she does with “Gossip Girl” star Blake Lively that one of the lines is “I can’t lose you”, all with a certain tension and drama in the air.


“RUN” is not for fainted-heart that’s for sure and it’s bound to cause a big commotion in the media.



Is likely that the fierce mini-movie is a promotional tool for their upcoming joint tour.


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