Jennifer Hudson is “pure realness” at LA Pride Festival


The amazing and talented super diva Jennifer Hudson brought the sexy back and plenty of fierceness to LA Pride Festival last Saturday.

She took the stage in a very sexy black dress and with “fuck me” red lips that made her look frecking fantastic.

J-Hud looks amazing with the pixie hair-cut that when she first did it I was totally against it but now, oh my god I love it!!!


Jennifer Hudson had the help of her male dancers to make the crowd sweat with the high levels of sexiness and fierceness, plus that incredible voice of hers.


I have read on-line that she was spectacular, which doesn’t come as a surprise at all.

Her set was rather short but efficient and powerful, some of the songs she sang include “Pocketbook”, “And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going” and the new track “Walk It Out”.


When “Walk It Out” first appeared on-line, I posted a small review about it and as expected from a J-Hudson track, it is good, urban and fits her style and voice like a glove.


Anyway, finally the song is starting to appear on the radio in the US and reports confirm that her new album it is on its way.

We can’t wait!!!

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