Jennifer Hudson’s new album “J-HUD” (Review)


Jennifer Hudson is back with her third album “J-Hud” and the wait was definitely worth it, the diva’s new album is nothing extraordinary but does the job amazingly well and in my opinion has more than a few hits.

“J-Hud” was massively produced by Pharrell Williams and Timbaland, with some other producers here and there.

The final result is a fresh and beautiful album.

Hudson’s vocals are on point and we delivered, which is no surprise.

The woman can sing like only a few others out there. Here’s what I think of “J-Hud” after listen to a couple of times.


1 – “Dangerous” – The album opener is a simple single with strong vocals. Jennifer unleash some powerful vocals over the heavy sound. Modern, with a bass-line that it is FAB!!!

2 – “It’s Your World” (Feat. R.Kelly) – A more mellow song, with a great 90’s dance electronic effects. It features the talented R. Kelly. Cute vocals throughout.

3 – “He Ain’t Going Nowhere” (Feat. Iggy Azalea) – One of my favourite tracks in the album, not for the fact that features my girl Iggy Azalea, let me just say this ok!!! It’s another track with a nice bass-line and great vocals, plus the lyrics are right up on my street.

4 – “Walk It Out” (Feat. Timbaland) – The second single taken from the album that got I feel in love after only one listen. Features the master “Timbo” on some of the vocals and production. The video is simple but fierce honey.


5 – “I Can’t Describe (The Way I Feel)” (Feat. T.I.) – One of the best songs of the album and I’m going to push it further and say that is one of Hudson’s best songs ever. The 90’s feel to it makes me want to dance naturally. Her vocals are strong and blend really well with the T.I’s brief appearance.


6 – “I Still Love You” – A very disco track, it could have been released by the likes of Donna Summer or Gloria Gaynor easily. Every time Jennifer sings “I Still Love You”, she takes you on a trip and right to the core of the song.

7 – “Just That Type Of Girl” – Simple vocals, simple sound but yet contagious, specially when we have a diva that is honest and sings, “Tonight I’m gonna do it for me.” You go girl!!! Do it!!! We love it!!!

8 – “Bring Back The Music” – A track with an old-school sound, more of a ballad and the first one in the album to give us the good old Jennifer Hudson powerful long-ish belts. We all hate when the music is gone right???

9 – “Say It” – Great!!! Great!!! Very Michael Jackson, angry/powerful vocals that makes you close your eyes and feel the song. The backing vocals on this one are more masculine but just as fabulous honey, yaaaaassssss!!! That song needs/deserves a fierce video.


10 – “Moan” – The second ballad in the album, a deep song with again perfect vocals. Surprisingly the only full-on ballad of the album, which I prefer. A great and warm way to close the album.

My overall opinion of this album is very good, I totally recommend for not only Jennifer Hudson’s fans that I know are going to be all over it like a rash but also for fans of good music, good R&B music.

The girl knows how to make music ok haters!!!


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