Jennifer Lopez and her selfie with “Grumpy cat”


Jennifer Lopez posted on her Instagram account a funny and sweet picture of herself, with Ryan Seacrest and the “grumpy cat” on the set of American Idol.

The famous cat was a special guest on the show and in between breaks the judges couldn’t help themselves and were all over the grumpy looking cat.


The face that Jennifer pulled is so cute, she looks like a 5-year-old and not a fierce diva, mom of two. But the cat wasn’t the only thing that got attention during the show.

Once again, Jennifer Lopez got all eyes on her because of her outfit.

She looked amazing wearing a blouse by Lanvin and a skirt by Vivienne Westwood with some hot caged heels.


The fabrics do look a bit strange but I love the colours.

There’s no cat or pussy in the world that can steal J.Lo’s spotlight!!!


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