Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart shows the world how friendly they are after break-up


The diva was one of the few stars who actually looked like “the part” during last weekend’s ceremony show and as we can see, pictures of Lopez had a cute/intimate moment with ex-boyfriend, dancer Casper Smart.

A few pictures surfaced all over the web not long after the show aired, showing Jennifer sharing a pack of Skittles with Casper.


They were together for two-and-a-half years before announcing the end of their relationship back in June.

It’s very nice to see how mature they’ve been dealing with the situation and showing the haters how their friendship is really strong and the reason given at the time of the break-up, that both were focusing on their own careers and a distant relationship wouldn’t work for them, so an amicable split was the solution, is probably true.


Very good, very mature, very “CLASSY-DIVA”!!!


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