Jennifer Lopez ended the 2014 American Music Awards in style and with a lot of “Booty”!!!


After much speculation, Jennifer and best friend Iggy Azalea performed the hit single “Booty” live for the first time, ending this year’s AMA with a fierce and delicious performance.

From beginning to end, the entire performance kept the audience at the venue and at home around the world, holding their breaths and shocked.


Needless to say that J.Lo and Iggy “served the fish” and made their competition, throw up their lives and gag on it… right??? They were just AMAZING!!!


I loved the different version they did it of the song, the sample taken of Madonna’s “Vogue” gave the song a new meaning, a new vibe. They managed to make a great song, a “freacking” fantastic song.


The styling, the stage and the lightening, all worked amazingly well and even though Iggy wasn’t on stage for that long, she did a great job by keeping up with J.Lo’s energy.


Once she was gone, Jennifer brought in her fierce backing dancers and then, the party started.


Since the performance, “Booty” is back on the charts and the media hasn’t stopped talking about Jennifer’s delivery of her latest single.


I cannot stop watching it…

She is an icon for a reason ok!!!

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