Jennifer Lopez hits the “American Idol” stage with new single


The superstar and judge on the talent show performed live her brand new song “I Luh Ya Papi” for the first time and as always she nailed from beginning to end.

With a super cute intro where Jenny and three contestants of the show sang acapella one of the verses from the new track beautifully, showcasing stunning vocals.

I was so proud of my Jenny!!!


Some might say that the song is weak and etc, but I’m already a fan of the tune and I adore the video but that’s for the obvious reasons that are in every shot… LOL


The stage looked like a part of the Bronx, with a ghetto tone that was also seen on the outfits worn by Jennifer and her two dancers.

Double denim…Hummm… J.Lo, really?!?!


Once the song starts, Jennifer Lopez takes control of the stage and the gets the audience up on their feet and delivers a very good performance.

She was singing live most of the time and dancing like crazy proving why she’s the real deal.

Here’s a link for you to enjoy this fun performance:


The only thing missing were the hot guys from the video!!!


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