Jennifer Lopez is the new queen of Las Vegas!!!


Jennifer Lopez finished her first run as a Las Vegas showgirl last weekend (13th of August) on a high breaking a record that was Britney’s but tickets for her “All I Have” production were the hottest tickets in town so it’s no surprise that our “Jenny From The Block” smashed the box-office.

J.Lo began her residency at The Axis at Planet Hollywood in Vegas when Britney took a well deserved break from entertaining the crowds with her amazing “Piece Of Me” that has been running since the of 2013 and expectations were very high to see what Jennifer would prepare for her fans.

The result, a showcase of all of her iconic songs with a lot of dancing, high energy and of course very sexy, otherwise it wouldn’t be J.Lo right?


She gave attitude, fierceness, sexy mama, superstar, Latin queen, showgirl and everything else hunni!!!

According to reports, J.Lo’s “All I Have” now holds the title as the concert to have sold most tickets and earned over $1 million in box-office in one single night. Knocking Britney to second spot as the most popular concert on the strip.

Jennifer’s name meant full house every night, come rain or come shine!!! No surprise there!!!


Like Britney Spears, Jennifer Lopez changed pop culture in every single aspect and they deserve to celebrated like they are. It’s no surprise that those two huge pop icons are dominating Las Vegas.

J.Lo returns to Las Vegas on December 13th for another run of serving showgirl realness to the people.

A J.Lo classic…

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