Jennifer Lopez opens music festival in Morocco with a bang!!!


Jennifer Lopez was the first pop act to take the stage at Morocco’s Mawazine which is the biggest event in the country and she proved why she’s one of the best performers out there with a fierce concert.

The capital city of Rabat was hotter than usual last week thanks to our latin queen who took the stage and made the audience dance like never before.


Jennifer Lopez looked AH-MA-ZING in a sexy white leotard and knee-high boots that made a perfect look to expose that incredible body of hers.


Jennifer’s energy on stage was strong and along with her back-up dancers she danced her ass off while performing some of her biggest and many hits.


She was giving sexy, face for days, legs for weeks and booty for months hunni!!!


A J.Lo concert wouldn’t be the same if none of that was there right??? But because the people in Morocco are sort of stuck in the old days, since Jennifer’s hot gig many have criticised the organizers of the music festival, with people calling for country’s communication minister to step down of his job.

Some newspapers over there published stories saying that politicians in the muslim country are not happy that J.Lo’s performance was televised.

When they booked her, they knew the kind of show she puts on and everything right??? So why in the fuck are they complaining??? Just chill-out and enjoy for fuck-sake!!!


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