Jennifer Lopez performs a new song in Dubai


The latin superstar performed at Dubai’s “Meydan Racecourse”, the world’s richest horse racing day. “Shutting da house down” with every hair-flip!!! 

The diva gave an amazing performance to the really posh crowd and whilst getting everyone on their feet with songs like “Dance Again” and “On The Floor” she performed a brand new track: “Never Satisfied”.


“Never Satisfied” sounds like a grown-up pop ballad.

Another good effort from J.Lo to prove that she’s more than a good dance floor filler.


During the concert Jennifer also revealed that her fans in Dubai will be the first ones to see her brand new concert that she’s working on it.


The concert was amazing and I just love J.Lo’s stage “manners”, she’s a real diva.

She played all the classics but also did the brand new and catchy ” I Luh Ya Papi”.

The concert wasn’t racy as it would normally be due to the place but J.Lo even a bit toned down showed that she’s an amazing performer.


J.Lo is the bomb!!!


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