Jennifer Lopez releases the video for “ I Luh Ya Papi”


She’s back and she wants everybody to notice that!!! The new video is saucy, fun, daring but at the same time tongue in cheek!!!

On a video that will most definitely get people talking, since J.Lo switched everything and instead of the typical music video that is a bunch of half-naked women and the male singer/rapper and his entourage acting as the kings of the castle and just using the woman.


In “I Luy Ya Papi”, Jenny is the king (or queen for that matter) and she has some hot, tanned, big studs with nice muscles all for herself and two best friends.

After a funny intro where the three girls are having fun with the video director suggesting silly ideas for Jennifer’s new video the vision of make her video like the man do but with the woman in power comes alive and that’s when the fun for the girls and for us the viewers starts.


There’s beautiful man in basically every shot of the video and is impossible to pick your favourite!!!

From washing her car, to serve her food or just laying on a posh boat getting some sun, the boys do not disappoint in any shape or form.


There’s plenty eye-candy!!!

Jennifer wear some cute outfits, do a little bit of a cute dance routine, rocks on re-inventions of some of her famous outfits from the past like the infamous but fierce to fuck Versace dress that she wore to the Grammys back in 2000.


When the video action is on the boat she looks amazing in all white with golden accessories.

I like how she plays with both sides of her life, the glamorous and the “Jenny From The Block” thing, just by wearing some ghetto-fab outfits and doing her “thang”.


French Montana also appears on the video, doing his rap, but don’t worry, he’s not the eye-candy I’ve been talking about LOL!!!


Jennifer Lopez still kills it.


If the song becomes a hit or a flop, who cares… no one can take her place!!!


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