Jennifer Lopez reveals AMAZING pictures and a new video teaser of her “A.K.A” album!!!


The diva is working hard to promote her upcoming new album “A.K.A.” that comes out on the 17th of June and to make the fans more excited she has released some fierce shots that she has done for the album artwork and a brand-new video teaser to get us going.

She looks amazing in every single shot and she’s giving us pure “glamour-ghetto-diva”!!!



I’m loving the red theme that is on most shot, the red lips are beautiful and the pulled back pony-tail gives J.Lo an edge.


Jennifer Lopez looks absolutely striking when she looks straight to the camera and gives FACE, she gives FACE FOR DAYS honey!!!


And let me tell you, I love the printed bodysuit or whatever and how young and sweet, yet very strong and fierce in the last picture Jennifer posted on-line.


The new video teaser is for the song “Worry No More” featuring Rick Ross, it is beautiful and it feels very personal.

From everything I’ve seen about “A.K.A” this one seems to be the darker side of this era.


Jennifer Lopez is on fire and we love it!!!

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