Jennifer Lopez slays on stage at Good Morning America’s “Summer Concert Series”!!!


What a better way to end the week than watching Jennifer Lopez bring da house down with hot performances of new hits??? Our Latin Queen took over the famous Central Park in NYC in order to promote her new album “A.K.A.” and it was fabulous!!!

Jennifer was the main act to perform at Good Morning America’s Summer Concerts Series live in Central Park and it’s no surprise that she NAILED IT!!!


Her entrance was just spectacular, very Cleopatra and luxurious. It was a bit bizarre taking that she was in the middle of New York city, but still very fun and very diva.


From the moment that she touched that stage, not one soul in the park stood still for the next 45 minutes.

She just knows how to make people happy and excited.


Jennifer performed some of her biggest hits like “On The Floor” and some fan favourites like “Let’s Get Loud”, she also performed the brand new tracks “Booty” and “First Love”.


I’m so happy she finally performed live the super fierce “Booty”!!!

The performance was super-ultra good, she was on fire!!!

I love how Jennifer controls the stage, her presence is incredible. A true diva, a true icon!!!


The updated version of “Let’s Get Loud” was so good, it was the perfect way to this amazing morning in New York.

Fans were going crazy and the energy in the park was totally palpable.

In my opinion that was by far the best live performance of “First Love”.


J.Lo looked happy, excited, her hair and make-up was perfection.

I love that woman so much!!! But I’ll stop gushing and here it’s a link of some of the performance.

Check it out:


It’s amazing, the whole thing!!!

I’m dying to see her new tour!!!

Jennifer Lopez is just fabulous honey!!! She knows how to turn it up!!!

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