Jennifer Lopez wins the “Icon Award” and gives “pure realness” on stage!!!


Jennifer Lopez was the queen of the Billboard Music Awards 2014, she was “pure realness” on the red carpet, on the stage, actually, she nailed it both times she performed on stage. She proved why she was the winner of that huge award.

Jennifer opened the show performing “We Are One (Ole Ola)” with Pitbull and no need to say that she was AMAZING!!!


The diva knew that it was her night, therefore she gave it all!!!


She received the “Icon Award” for her achievements throughout her career but before holding the amazing award, Jennifer gave an electrifying performance of her new single, “First Love”.


J.Lo’s performance was packed with energy and glamour from beginning to end, including a bit of Diana Ross by mashing-up “Ain’t No Mountain High” with her very own “First Love”.


The only word, I can think of to describe that moment is: SICKENING!!!


Not long after Jennifer finished her amazing “First Love” performance, Ricky Martin and Iggy Azalea introduced her as the winner of this year’s “Icon Award” and a very touched and emotional Jennifer Lopez walked onto the stage to give a very emotional and beautiful speech.


It was a beautiful moment!!!


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