Jessica Simpson has a new Weight Watchers advert campaign out and she looks hot!!!


I love Jessica Simpson it doesn’t matter if she’s fat, slim or whatever…the woman is just a pop icon!!! I’ve loved her new figure in recent times but in her new “Weight Watchers” advert besides looking amazing, she’s looking rather odd (let me put it up this way).

At first, I thought it was some delay on the cable television transmission or something like that but after a couple of more watches I can’t help to think that she looks like her med is running low or she’s constipated.


I’m not making any accusations, I’ve said before: I LOVE JESSICA SIMPSON!!!


Thanks to her we have pop hits like “I Wanna Love You Forever”, “A Little Bit” and “With You”, and that’s just some of them.

Her catalogue is amazing!!!

If I’m being too shady, I do apologize but watch for yourself and give me your opinion please!


She’s just fabulous!!!

All I wish her is the best!!!!

She’s an amazing woman and her figure couldn’t be better!!!


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