Joan Rivers is not the one to be messed with – Watch her walk out an interview with CNN!!!


Rivers interview with CNN News Room didn’t went as planned on July, 5th. Only a few minutes into the live chat, Fredericka Whitfield (who was conducting the interview) managed to put her foot right in her own mouth and piss Joan Rivers off.

The Fashion Police host was there to promote her new book, “A Diary Of A Mad Diva” but the approach used by the presenter and her poor choice of words, lead to Rivers to suddenly snap at her and simply leave the room, ending the interview out of the blue.


Shocking as the situation was, Joan Rivers did the right thing, Fredericka started the interview with a tone that it was very doubtful. She kind of accusing Joan and bringing up topics that were totally irrelevant to the occasion.

Calling Joan Rivers “mean” and questioning her ability to entertain her audience, was a shot below the belt big time ok!!!

But honey, Ms. Rivers is not known for being a “FIERCE BITCH” for no reason, she wasn’t taking any shit from that “presenter” and she said her piece, watch:


One thing that I was really shocked by was Fredericka’s attitude throughout the interview, she was acting as if she works for MTV or E! And not CNN.

That “ARE YOU SERIOUS?” at the end, was just “frecking” ridiculous!!!

Plus, what on earth was she wearing??? It was that a scarf, a top, a blouse, a dress???

Anyway, whatever that was, it looked cheap and unnecessary, just like her hair, make-up and the faces she kept pulling.

What it matters is that at the end of the day, one way or another, Joan Rivers managed to get the word out about her new book and the buzz that her actions have started is the buzz of more books flying out of the shelves.

Don’t mess with Joan Rivers is the lesson of the day kids!!! She ain’t got time for that!!!


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