Joan Rivers “throws shade” to Gwyneth Paltrow live on tv!!!


Andy Cohen had some great guests on his show this week, with Lindsay Lohan being a guest on Thursday’s show and the amazing Joan Rivers on Wednesday, the only difference wast that Rivers was a guest on the live version of the show, “Watch What Happens L!ve”.

Joan Rivers is frecking fabulous and I love her because she says as it is, with no filter.

The interview was great as any interview with her have always been and of course she had to “open the library” and throw big time “shades” on live television.


When a viewer called the show to ask the comedian a question, the viewer asked Joan Rivers which Hollywood stars had given her a hard time because of the jokes/insults she says on her show “Fashion Police”, she didn’t even took time to think about her answer and straight away the “shade” came out: “THE WORST CRITICISM WAS, URG, GWYNETH PALTROW. SHE CAME AND YELLED AT US, BUT SHE STOOD UP. SHE CAN’T SIT DOWN ‘CAUSE SHE’S GOT A STICK UP HER REAR END.”


After that comment Andy Cohen busted in laughter but who wouldn’t?!?!

Paltrow definitely has a stick up her backside and I hate that condescending look that she carries on her face, as if she’s something superior to the rest of the world.


Joan Rivers is an icon… an amazing woman and Gwyneth is just a stick with a wig.

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