Justin Timberlake gets an award for six million sales of his “20/20 Experience” album!!!


Justin is a household name in the pop music scene and the evidence it’s out there to anyone to see, with talent, charisma and a lot of nerve, the pop star last album received one more award for excellent sales.

Justin’s last album, “The 20/20 Experience” has sold over six million copies worldwide!!!


Congratulation to this amazing singer, that with every single, every album, every music video, keeps re-inventing himself, the way we see and hear pop music.

Justin and his team got together for a cool picture with the soooooo deserved plaque. He looks super cute and very happy.


In times when huge pop names are struggling to sell albums it’s great to see a musician of our generation succeeding in everything he puts his energy into it.

Well done!!!


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