Katie Price announced her third divorce on Twitter


The glamour model married builder and part-time stripper Kieran Hayler just over one year ago, since then they had a baby boy who is 9 months old now and she’s pregnant with Kieran’s second child.

Katie Price posted both piece of news on her Twitter account yesterday (7thof May) but she didn’t stopped with the divorce and the unexpected pregnancy, the model went on to post the details behind the divorce and she also tweeted angry words towards Kieran and Jane Pountney who is or better saying, was a friend of hers.

In one of her tweets, Katie says that Kieran and Jane been having an affair for the past 7 months, Price also calls Kieran a “disgusting human being” to then make the shocking revelation that she actually caught the two lovers in action.


Katie is known for being a strong woman who sometimes might be a bit hard to deal with it or be in a relationship with but no woman deserves that, especially when the woman is 6 months pregnant.

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