Katy Perry – “Dark Horse (Feat. Juicy J)” (music video)


“Dark Horse” the music video is finally the video is out!!! And it is FANTASTIC!!!

After many days of looking at pictures and videos teasers, the video is now online for the world to admire.


Once again Katy has surprised me and I’m becoming more of a fan as the days goes by.

I think most people, like moi were expecting a rather goth themed, somewhat dark video, especially after what she did at the Grammy’s earlier this year.

But hey, she’s surprising us once again!!!


The costumes worn by Katy and the dancers/actors are just fabulous, specially Katy’s outfit inspired by Cleopatra.


I always had a critic to make about anything that Katy Perry released but she’s rising on my personal music chart so much that now I can say: I HEART KATY PERRY!!!


The song was already on the top of my playlist even before the Grammy’s or the video been out but now I’m addicted to it!!!

I cannot get enough!!!

The video is vibrant with a huge variety of amazing costumes, its colours are just incredible and she even manages to give us a sexy dance around a pole.


The styling and design, choreography, make up, editing, all perfection!!!

The video has not one fault!!!!!!

I also love all the Illuminati references that most people don’t pick up but since I learned a bit about that sort of religion I’m always searching for signs and recent videos from a lot of massive artists are full of it.


The theme of “Dark Horse” worked very well. The acting is considerably good for that sort of video.

Katy looks stunning in every single shot.

No surprise the song is killing on the charts everywhere!!!! It is so well deserved!!!


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