Katy Perry is not a fan of selfies


Selfies are the “thing” of the moment and most celebrities use their social media profiles to bombard us with selfies. It’s basically like an addiction but one celebrity has made clear that she hates to take them, do not ask Katy Perry to take a selfie ok.

Yesterday (April 11th) was the first day of the “Coachella Music Festival” and Katy, like many other famous people, was there to enjoy, relax and have some fun.


Perry was with her friend and stylist, Johny Wujek (S.E.X.Y.) enjoying herself, posing for pictures with her friends at the “Harper’s Bazar” party when a party-goer approached the singer and handed to her a camera and asked Katy to take a selfie.


At first she refused but then changed her mind once the guest agreed to also be on the picture.

Not long after the episode Katy expressed her feelings about the selfie thing on Twitter:


Overall, Katy enjoyed her time at the festival as she spent some time with friends like Lea Michele and Steven Tyler.


At least she was polite and cool when dealing with the situation, instead of being a bitch like some other celebs that we know would easily be horrible to the party-goer who only wanted a picture.


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