Katy Perry loves food inspired outfits – The pepperoni onesie still hunts me!!!


Ms. Perry wore one of the most dreadful outfits I’ve ever seen this past week after a concert in Philadelphia and the horrific look have tormented me since, so I decided to look for more food inspired looks she wore before.

Katy love for food is no secret but the pepperoni onesie took things to a different level this week, is not the first time that she has worn an outfit inspired by her love for food. She has worn some really strange and food dedicated before, most of them on stage, with this weird style first appearing during the “Teenage Dream” era.

The sushi-inspired leotard Katy wore during the “MTV Video Music Awards Japan” back in 2009 made me hate raw fish even more. The “Katy’s Kisses” made me wonder if the Hersey’s inspired outfit inspired made the chocolate people angry or honoured.


Also in 2009, Katy performed at the “Grammy Awards” in a minidress that is was inspired by Carmen Miranda that’s for sure. The banana suit Katy wore at the 2008 “MTV Video Music Awards” was when I started to question her fashion sense, was she trying to be fashion forward or just plain crazy??? That look, besides looking cheap and tacky, was horrible from top to bottom.


What was the strawberry dress??? It looks like it’s unfinished and that’s the best adjective I can think of to describe that look. Then, we go from the cinema to the world of fast-food, when attending a press conference in Tokyo, Katy “rocked” (in her mind at least) a red knit dress with the McDonald’s golden arches and colours in it but it was made by Moschino, that included a matching bag and shoes. Why Katy??? Why???


During the promotion of her movie “Part Of Me”, the singer wore a cinema themed look that it was just bizarre but in a cute way. The popcorn bag skirt is had a Disney sort of look about it, but the movie-roll bra was just wrong!!! What was already bad, became even worst once Perry removed the popcorn skirt, revealing a high-waisted pants decorated with candy bars, that at the same time keeps up with the theme, it doesn’t. WRONG!!!


To end this “terrifying” (I know, the word I have used is a bit much) post, I wonder what Katy was thinking when she choose that cookie-print minidress to perform in Canada. The cookies look more like pieces of poo than real cookies and the colour of the dress is so blend and boring. Lastly, is the “lollipop-circus” inspired dress that to me, is just “TMI”, it makes me dizzy!!!


I’m so glad that Katy Perry moved on from the “Teenage Dream” era, that to me was more like the “Teenage Dream”, even though her current “Prism” wardrobe sometimes can be almost clown-ish, I prefer it over the “Teenage” era.

I just hope the next phase of her career will inspire her to wear better outfits. When she wear high-couture or more normal but stylish outfits she looks amazing. So, let see what’s next…


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