Katy Perry – “Prism”


I do like some of her earlier work but I always had shady comments about Katy Perry but with the first single out of the new album, “Roar” things changed… So, I downloaded “Prism” to see what is the fuzz all about and give the girl another chance.

On “Prism” the main producers are the super-talented Max Martin and Dr. Luke and Katy Perry gave them the co-pilots positions that help her lead the way to a better and more mature sound which is better than the old candy-floss crap from a couple of years ago. She’s finally not in a “Teenage Dream” anymore… Hallelujah!!!


01 – Roar: The first single released from the album and in my opinion it was the best choice to warm up the fans. This song is a good transition from the lollipop to the jungle, ending with a more mature result. The video is fun and well done. No surprise that “Roar” was number 01 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and Katy’s eighth song to reach the top place. I can’t get the catchy chorus out of my head!!!


02 – Legendary Lovers: Mentioning historical women who had dramatic love lives like Cleopatra, helps Katy in describing the passion she and her man could have on this beautiful love song. The vocals are very nice and it has a great music with drums hitting hard. An exotic song I would say.

03 – Birthday: A tongue in cheek song that has a summer sound/vibe about it. At times sounds like a reject from her last album but thanks to the talented Dr. Luke and Max Martin the song turns out very well.

04 – Walking On Air: This one is a funny one… I want to dislike the thing because it sounds like a cheap 90’s dance track but for the same reason I cannot stop listen to due to the flawless delivery made by Katy Perry and her great backing vocals.


05 – Unconditionally: One of the highlights of “Prism”. I am in love with this song and I’m so glad is the second single released. A deep ballad with great beats and vocals, even though Katy sounds almost defeated. I cannot wait for the video, my best friend is one of the dancers and he’s been telling me that the video is fierce!!! It is Katy’s favourite song in the album and so it is mine… I’m already feeling a connection here…


06 – Dark Horse (Feat. Juicy J): Is the only song with a feature in the album and probably the darkest song as well. It has amazing and freaky sound effects, a great urban beat that when it drops, it drops well and makes you want to move!!! I’m obsessed with!!! It needs a video!!!

07 – This Is How We Do: Another track that sounds like a dance track from early 90’s but on this one the “vintage” vibe is not taken so seriously. Is Katy Perry showing a silly side of herself with great keyboard blasts.


From track number 07 up to track 16 the sound of the songs pretty much doesn’t change at all.

They are good pop songs, with great producers like Sia behind it but in my opinion, not worth it a proper review. The only thing that changes a bit is the themes, a couple of them gets a bit deeper but nothing it’s missed.

With such a great first half “Prism” only needs a 07 track edition.

I’m glad I gave her a chance and I’m enjoying the result. “Prism” is a real pop album.

Get it if that’s your thing….I promise never make shady comments about her music…her music!!! He! He! He!


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