Katy Perry – The Super Bowl Halftime Show Performance – 2015 Here we go!!!


Another year is ahead of us and after a much-needed break we’re back to dish all the T we come across and to kick-start the proceedings, what about Katy Perry’s performance at this year’s NFL Super Bowl Halftime Show???

Well, mama here needed a vacay-cay okaaay, it was longer than planned but here I am ready to serve a lot of fish and throw some major shade hunties. Since my last post, a lot has happened but nothing made me want to run to my laptop and write about, but all changed last Sunday when the world got to see Katy Perry’s much-anticipated Super Bowl Halftime performance.

I wasn’t expecting much from her but she surprised me, well… not from beginning to end.


The energy was there, she was great on stage, with control over the audience and full of grace.


Katy gave plenty of sass, fierceness,the right attitude, I also loved the visuals, from staging to wardrobe, she nailed it. But with no surprises there, Perry’s vocals were a bit of a mess, which was a shame since her set-list was great. Saying that, I also did not enjoy the transitions in between songs, like they couldn’t have mashed-up her songs properly???


The vocals were also a bit messy, I love Katy Perry but the girl can’t sing, regardless how big is the production behind her. In her defence, I have to say that she made up for the lack of vocal skills by delivering a very entertaining and happy performance, that was packed with glitz and glamour.

One of her guest performers was the incredibly talented Missy Elliott, who definitely stole the show even though she was only on stage for about 4 minutes. She performed the amazing smash-hits “Get Ur Freak On”, “Work It” and “Lose Control”. Since then, Elliott’s name is back on the music scene’s mouth more than ever and we love it!!!


Katy Perry did a great job, I won’t deny that but she still has to prove to me that she’s an international megastar of calibre of some of her successors like Madonna or Beyoncé.

I look forward to the day the I’ll see relevant and iconic pop acts like Jennifer Lopez or even Christina Aguilera take over that much desired slot on American television.

Do you think that Katy Perry delivered a performance worthy of her status???


2015 has everything to be an amazing year for pop music, are you ready???


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