Katy Perry’s Prismatic World Tour hits London and What’s The T? was there in the Prismatic Reflection Section


One of the best concerts I’ve ever seen in my whole life and trust me, I have been to many concerts. The Prismatic World Tour marks Katy Perry’s change of status, from pop-star to super-star. I shared that amazing moment with my friend/sister Andrew H.

Icona Pop was the opening act and I think that they were the perfect choice, their vibe, their energy was so good that looking around at the full arena, all I could see was music fans dancing with their hands in the air, having a great time.

Katy Perry start the gig right on time, appearing inside a shiny pyramid and shouting “LONDON!”, from that moment, all the way to the last song she was perfect. A true pop princess!!!

The set-list was also pure perfection, she opened with “Roar”, “Part Of Me”, then “Dark Horse”, “E.T.” and “I Kissed A Girl”, one after the other.

I almost died when she did “Vogue”, it was fierce, colourful and fresh.

I also loved the cat-suit she wears for “Hot N Cold”.

The production for this show is amazing, costumes, staging, lightening, everything was just fabulous.

Katy was in a very good mood and it was contagious, throughout the night she proclaimed her love for London, her words were so genuine that I even shared a little tear (yeah, yeah, I know!).

It took a few songs for me to pay attention to Katy Perry, I even went to see her last tour but after seeing “The Prismatic World Tour”, I declare myself a Katy Perry fan.

Her vocals were spot on, her choice of songs to perform was just EVERYTHING!!!

We made a video montage with some cool videos that we did with our phones.


If Katy Perry’s new tour is near you, go!!!!

You have to!!!

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