Katy Perry’s time in Australia got ruined because of the paparazzi


Katy has made very obvious her opinions about the lack of privacy that comes with the territory of being a pop star but she always kept her cool, things got a bit too much during her recent visit to Australia, where she entertained tons of fans with her “Prismatic World Tour”.

There’s a lesson for the paparazzi to learn, respect Katy’s limits and everything would be cool, but if you decide to push it, be aware that our girl is going to “Roar” and call you out.

While in Australia, some paparazzi would not give Perry a break, so she took things to her own hands and posted on Twitter a headshot of the guys and described them as stalkers.


With her tweet, she even describes them as “Perverted & Disgusting”, all said with some sort of diplomacy, yet being honest and real.


It is such a shame, when people don’t respect someone else’s boundaries isn’t it…


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