Kylie Minogue – “Into The Blue” (music video)


So, the much-anticipated music video for the first single of Kylie’s new album is out and it is kind of let down. “Into the Blue” (a track I’ve already gave my opinion) it did not live up to my expectations.

The song is doing well and I even added to my running playlist (nothing like running outside Buckingham Palace while the catchy chorus is on) but for the video I was expecting a better production, a better product of what it is out for the fans.

I know that less is more and on Kylie’s case that works almost every time, since she’s so charismatic and sexy.

I might come across as a hater, but trust me, I’m not… I’m not a fanatic but I am a great admirer and I’ve been to many tours and always loving the most underground tracks.

But for the video of “Into The Blue” I think she should have come up with a fuck all video!!!

Come on!!! She’s one of the few, if not couple of pop star that can do whatever she wants about her music and etc…

Why make such a simple, on the borderline of boring video, with a French actor/model that could have been played by any “posh” (let’s say) East Londoner… and why not a real men, someone like David Gandy or whatever…and a video more colourful….oh, I get it, the meaning of the song is not that “colourful” but still a better production and editing could would had changed everything.


She’s 45, still rocking it, looking amazing and making create music…but where’s one of the highest members of pop music royalty on that video?


Such a catchy, trendy song but the video couldn’t be more different.

It almost looks like is a new singer promoting her music but not an icon.


I love the song but the video failed…


I’m looking forward to the next single and video…Me love some Kylie, but have I to say, this new video is not up to Minogue standards.

I’ll still be working out to “Into The Blue” for a long time…but Kylie dear, please, make a fun and sassy video like you know how to do it!!!

Where’s the power house that is Kylie Minogue?!


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