Kylie Minogue – “Into The Blue”


After the amazing and sexy track “Skirt”, which I love (“Skirt” beats always drive me crazy) and even though it did well on the dance music charts, I don’t understand why Kylie didn’t release a video for it or promoted the song.  She is about to release her new single called “Into The Blue”.The song leaked today just a few days before its official release and I’m getting into it as I listen to more and more.

It’s nothing special or original, but that’s Kylie and as usual the chorus is very catchy (that I love! Btw!) and should do well.

Kylie is still sticking to her dance routes and same sound and I’m a believer of that popular phrase: “If isn’t broken, don’t fix it”


That formula works for her… The song has a “I Should Be So Lucky” and “Can’t Get You Out Of My Head” touch to it and I’m sure you will love it.

Let’s hope the video is good.

So make sure you get it ok!!!

I’ll post the video for “Skirt” if you missed that one:





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