Kylie Minogue – “Kiss Me Once” – The amazing new album


“Kiss Me Once” is Kylie’s brand new album, the first album with her new record label Roc Nation that’s managed by music mogul Jay-Z and what a best way to start a new contract than with a great, true pop record.

The fear of the album sound too American due to some obvious reasons is now a thing to the past.

Unlike previous records like “Fever” and “Body Language” that were slightly tweaked to appeal to the US market but still trying keep the loyal fans happy on this side of the pond as well, “Kiss Me Once” is a mature, modern, fresh and consistent pop record like some of her earlier work tried to sound.

Great new producers like Pharell and the super cool and talented Sia helped give a revamp on Kylie’s sound and musical style but yet keeping her world known style still alive and on full-on mode.


“Into The Blue” opens the album beautifully and from that moment on you are in Kylie’s hands and there’s no escape but at least the trip happy, fun, sensual and relaxed.

“I Was Gonna Cancel” is a mature, fun, pop-electro track that suits Kylie like a glove. With a great quality sound and vibe to it, it’s definitely a track you must not skip.

On this new album her sound is much more refined, polished but still true to the real Kylie Minogue from track number one all the way to the last track on the album.

Her voice never sounded so clear and pure on a record. Apart from the two tracks already mentioned, the album have some other gems that are pop music on its best forms thanks to amazing producers and of course Kylie’s dedication to make of “Kiss Me Once” the best album she ever gave to her loyal fans.

Songs like “Sexercise” written by Sia, it has pure sexual energy, penetrating bass lines and a video that makes anyone sweat under their collars, gays are now even questioning their sexuality.

So…I rest my case for now!

“Les Sex” has a Daft Punk vibe about it but Kylie makes it her own and it is a delicious track to dance to it, I say that this song is a classic on the making.

“Fine” is a powerful club anthem song, it has a feel good vibe, it vibrates through your body. A great choice to close the album. That’s another song from the album that I can easily see become a massive hit in clubs all over the globe.


Well, is not a surprise that the album is doing very well on the charts so soon after its release.

The pop music industry needed a record of that quality.

Kylie has already even announced a big tour to promote the album.

She knows how good her record is and is now time for her to remind people while she’s still on the top of the game after so long.

You go guuuuurrrllll!!!!!

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