Kylie Minogue releases video for “I Was Gonna Cancel”


Kylie’s video for “I Was Gonna Cancel” doesn’t make justice to the great track taken of her latest and amazing album “Kiss Me Once”

The song produced by Pharrell Williams deserved an edgy, classy, funny and quite sexy video, but instead the video released earlier today is simple, plain and boring.

The first thing that came to me was the similarities with Jennifer Lopez video for her song “Papi”.

Kylie wears jeans and a blouse in very similar colours to Jennifer’s, another thing was the dance moves and how the “pedestrians” follow most of Kylie’s steps.

From hand moves, make-up to her attitude, unfortunately “Papi” is what comes to my mind.

Nonetheless I’m not dissing “I Was Gonna Cancel” or putting its quality down.

I love the track, it is for sure one of the best songs in the album.


There’s no doubt that “IWGC” is a catchy pop song that can definitely get any dance floor totally packed.

Kylie’s effortless vocals and Pharrell’s incredible talents as a producer gives this song a place within Minogue’s classics songs like “Spinning Around” and “Your Disco Needs You.”


I wish the video had more of the Kylie I love, giving killer looks to the camera, more sex-appeal, hot moves and hot dancers but I’m not letting the weakness of the video change my opinion of this great pop track.

In my opinion Kylie should have invested more in “Sexercise”, the video was freaking amazing and the song it’s beyond good. But what it’s done, it’s done.

Sometimes they get it right and sometimes they don’t but luckily “IWGC” is a great song.


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