Kylie releases her new video – “Sexercise”


The second single from the brand new album “Kiss Me Once” is a major step from the first attempt “Into The Blue” and this great attempt comes in the shape of “Sexercise”

Don’t get me wrong, I do like the first single but “Sexercise” brought back the Kylie Minogue that I admire…

Sexy, confident, daring, queen, stylish, fierce, oh… I could go on forever!!!


The song is great!!!

The video is orgasmic!!!

I cannot stop watching!!!


All the gays are questioning themselves…. LOL…

She looks absolutely fantastic but when I watch the video I didn’t questioned my “gayness” not for a minute.

All I think about it that I want to be her and not in her!!!

A great simple and minimalistic video that delivers in every category.


If this song doesn’t become a hit I don’t know what’s wrong with the world of pop music.

Keep up the quality work Ms. Minogue because you are doing amazingly right now!!!


Ps: On “The Voice UK”, can you just drop the high street look that you wear every week and let’s dress up like a powerhouse pop star that you are please!!!

You are a POP-STAR woman!!!

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