Lady Gaga – “ARTPOP” (album review)


The buzz around Gaga’s new album is so intense that even though I’m not a massive fan I had to download the album just to throw some shade here and there. I do recognise her talent, her skills as a singer but she’s just too much, she tries too hard when with that voice and that talent, less is more!!!

I’ve played the album a few times and I wasn’t disappointed!!!

01 – Aura: A pop meets trance track that Lady Gaga co-wrote with famous trance duo Infected Mushroom. She has performed this song live, the fans like it and even without any official release, the song entered the “Billboard Dance Electronic Charts” in good position. Overall, a good track.


02 – Venus: Gaga portrays herself as the goddess of love in this pop-disco music track that has that sound that most of her songs have, that really annoys me. “Bad Romance”, “Judas” and many others, they all sound very similar.


Oh…and now “Venus”! The mixture of astrology, mythology, sex and pop synths makes the this one of the few good tracks on the album.


03 – G.U.Y.: With elements of industrial and house music, it’s another track that standout from the shit that is on the track list of this album. The bass lines are amazing and the chorus is catchy in a nice way and easy to listen to.


04 – Sex Dreams: Lady Gaga sings openly and explicitly about touching herself and all that on this 80’s inspired song.

05 – Jewels ‘n Drugs (Feat. T.I, Too $hort & Twista): Her attempt to sound all gangsta fails miserably. This song is absolutely dreadful!!!

06 – Manicure: One more track with that annoying Gaga sound that I mentioned before. It has funky guitars. Nothing special…


07 – Do What U Want (Feat. R. Kelly): One of the best, if not the best track on the album. It shines a mile away from the shit all around. This track is a good example of when Gaga gets her music right. With the perfect mix of pop, R&B and electronic beats makes this song amazing!!! Another rather sexually open song but the clean version is doing very well on the radio.


08 – ArtPop: This is the song that was the starting point of this new phase. It has a lot of computerized sounds mixed with some pianos and guitars but in its essence is a techno song. I think it is repetitive, lazy and the slow pace just bores me to death.

09 – Swine: A fan favourite with terrible vocals, all over the place as if she was a beginner or just a nut-case. With a dark subject, is a heavy song. I skip…

10 – Donatella: Finally a FIERCE track!!! Great lyrics and delicious beats. It is perfect for the gays “weeeerrrkkk” their shit while working out or even just walking down the streets. No need to say to whom is dedicated.

11 – Fashion!: The more mature version of the previous track with a modern take on that 70’s groovy sound with the 70’s style also present on the vocals. A good track.

12 – Mary Jane Holland: All I have to say is that, it sounds random, the vocals are wrong and it is too electronic and too noisy.


13 – Dope: A big powerful ballad that it could easily be on a Broadway musical. Critics and fans are loving since Gaga performed the first time live on stage. Apparently it is a autobiographical song where Gaga sings about drug use and the pain of the lost of a long time love, with a depressed/drunk/high vocal. Even with its dark subjects, “Dope” is a contemporary pop song that somehow it works and it is nice to hear it.


14 – Gypsy: Produced by the old-time friend RedZone, this one is a euro-pop song mixed with electro-pop but with a pinch of classic rock. It is bouncy and the vocals are sang very loud but Gaga and her male back-up singers. It would be a hit when she hits the arenas.


15 – Applause: Like pretty much everything on this album, this track is an euro-dance song mixed up with electro-pop. In my opinion is probably the only song that as soon as you listen to, it sounds “ArtPop” if that make sense. It was the first single to be released and performed really well all over the globe, peaking at number 04 in America. “Applause” is another rare moment of when Lady Gaga gets it right.


To end all of this pain… “ArtPop” is not a bad album, not a master-piece either but it is definitely an improvement from “Born This Way”.

I’m still waiting for Gaga to really impress me…


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