Lady Gaga ends her Roseland Ballroom residency


The last concert of Gaga’s eight-date run and the last one ever to take place in the ballroom was emotional and powerful.

An emotional Gaga started the concert with the usual piano version of “Born This Way” and kept the energy high up all the way to her last song, the hit single “G.U.Y.”.


It was a 90 minute concert and over that time Gaga expressed her love for the building every chance she had.

Being a true New Yorker she has strong memories attached to the place.

“Cheer to Roseland and the last time the joint gets high!!!” Lady Gaga shouted at the crazy fans.


During the concert she did the usual attention-seeking “fuck you” speech for the haters and all that blah blah that comes with it.


Anyway, In my opinion Lady Gaga did a good job, but for a place that had people like Madonna and Prince performing on its stage during the glory days, I think that Lady Gaga was a sort of let-down given the venue.


It’s too late now…

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