Lady GaGa – “G.U.Y. – An ARTPOP Film”


The new video comes out just after the as Gaga describes: “artsy performance” or better saying, the vomiting act that she performed live on stage last week while performing “Swine”. Since the whole “artsy” thing backfired, the singer releases a new epic music video for the track “G.U.Y”.

The video runs for over 11 minutes and shows the singer in many strange scenarios, from fallen angel to Greek goddess, up to dated dance routines.


A lot of different and unusual outfits are a big part of the video as the location which is all very epic and pompous.


I do like the song but the video is too much, too much effort to look original and cool.


Maybe if she focused more on the music and her voice, the result of her work would improve.

But I give high marks to Gaga for effort. Her creative team comes up with some outrageous and amazing ideas.


Like, the video it is vert OTT about the whole plot, from beginning to end, but at the same time is coherent.

I love the very Versace mansion, that pool is something out of this planet!!!

And only Gaga to have Andy Cohen as God and the ladies from “The Real Housewives of Bervelly Hills” acting rather angelic, if I may say that.


The golden outfits, the dance routines, the styling, I hate to admit but as I’m writing this article and the video is on repeat on my player, I’m falling for it.


Here’s “G.U.Y.”


Let me know what you think…


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