Lady Gaga talks about the vomiting episode


The singer has finally spoken about her bizarre and polemic live performance of her song “Swine” during her set at the “SXSW”concert recently that caused a lot of controversy and probably got her audience surprised and/or disgusted.

Not surprisingly at all, Lady Gaga stands by her performance and still describes that part of the routine as art…

Art??? Oh, give us a break!!!

Lady Gaga managed to make herself look even more like an idiot by saying that she didn’t got vomited on by one of her dancer for attention seeking but for the entertaining factor.

Yeah, right!!!

Does she really think that people are buying this shit??? People are not even buying her album anymore if I may add… LOL

She was on the “Today Show” talking about the whole thing and I think that the best she could do is move on, put a new video out and make sure that her next gig is more focused on pop music then the “artsy” thing that she has milked it recently.


In my opinion the singer needs a break, rehab or whatever treatment/vacation that would be good for her.

Her performances, her looks, her albums are loosing that freshness that once had and now it is all too messy, too trashy, too going down the hill.

I always knew that people would start to get tired of all the frenzy about Lady Gaga and I’m praying for all the real divas wishing that this happens rather soon.

Let het dig her own hole deeper and deeper honey!!!

I liiiiiveeeeeeeee!!!!

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