Lady Gaga’s “Do What U Want” music video leaks and now it’s the talk of the town!!!


Lady Gaga released the song last year featuring singer R. Kelly, they performed live but a video to support the song never came about, until now!!!

“Do What U Want” is one of the few good pop songs on Gaga’s last album, “ARTPOP”, so the curiosity of whether a video was on its way or not it was more than natural.

The video, directed by Terry Richardson leaked today and it’s causing a huge commotion.


You can find the video on the TMZ website.

The video didn’t got released because it’s very graphic, some say that is a propaganda to rape!!!


Lady Gaga is not going through the best of times, sales have dropped and the criticism has increased.

The thing now is to see what her team has prepared to manage this situation.

She’s getting messy!!!


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