Lady Gaga’s “SXSW” Shocking Performance


Seems like that the so-called “Mother Monster” has decided to abuse of strange and bizarre methods during her performance at the “South By South West” concert when one of her dancers vomited on Gaga. Yeah, you read it correctly!!! I’m not joking!!!

During her song “Swine” the act took place in front of what I believe was a shocked and disgusted audience.

I know that if I was there I would asking for my money back plus some reimbursement for being exposed to such a vile experience.


The performance continued as planned and Gaga probably felt amazing and a pioneer but not long after the effects of the morbid scene started to come from left and right.

The first one to express her opinion publicly was fellow singer Demi Lovato who took to Twitter and posted the following:



But Demi wasn’t done just yet and a few minutes later she posted another Tweet saying:


Lady Gaga always seemed a bit coco for coco pops but after the release of “ ArtPop” or better saying “ArtFlop” she’s kind of losing the plot.

I’ve read on-line that in recent interviews she has got agitated at the first sign of a journalist asking how she feels about her drop in albums and tickets sales and questions about other artists like Katy Perry and Miley Cyrus who are still doing very well when the hype about her is much bigger.


I always said, the people will eventually get bored with all this circus, she can’t do whatever crazy shit she has in her mind and call it art and expect everyone to go along.

Even her looks are getting sloppy and trashy.

Maybe is time for a break I think. I am curious to see what she will do next…

I smell desperation… Just saying…. LOL

For a second I thought of posting a link with shocking video but then I realised that it would be degrading for the blog, a couple of pictures is the limit.


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